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A 501(c)(3) nonprofit company

What we do

We put a little bit of help in the hands of those that could use it. We distribute small denomination gift cards to families with children that are impacted by homelessness and poverty.

Why we do it

No parent or guardian should have to face raising a child out of homelessness alone.

Who we are

A small network of teachers and parents.

Legal and About

Below is some information about the Nonprofit company and our legalese.

All donations received through this site will contribute to the charitable cause of assisting public school children impacted by homelesness. If some donation is made in error, returns are available by contacting us at support@pleasehelp.com

In addition, you may contact us via snail mail at 673 Potomac Station Drive Suite 623, Leesburg VA 20176

Privacy Policy: Pleasehelp.com does not intentionally collect or retain any personal information from our donors. We also perform due diligence in securing our systems to protect all transactions from unauthorized disclosure.

If there is any change to this policy, the changes will be posted in this location at https://www.pleasehelp.com

Please help. And Thank you.